Thank you for restoring my confidence in myself, to be there wholly for my students.
I wish this was a part of every profession's training.
This information is impactful to every student population and training on trauma is essential!
It’s important we understand what the students are bringing with them to understand how to help them get to where they need to be.
Black Lives Matter. Resilient Futures unequivocally stands against the brutal murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the many Black people who have been tragically murdered. We denounce the perpetual impacts of structural racism and systemic oppression, including the historical and ongoing impact of police brutality on the Black community. Black Students Matter. As a trauma-informed and anti-racist organization, Resilient Futures raises our voice in unison with those across the nation that are demanding an end to the School-to-Prison Pipeline. Resilient Futures is rooted in anti-racist practices since our founding. Our mission is to foster equitable, safe and resilient communities for all youth. This cannot happen without equity, safety, and resilience for Black youth. Black Lives Matter. As an organization led by a cross-racial team of women, we honor the strengths of Black youth, Black families, and Black educators. We are committed to continuing to centralize anti-racist practices in the training and consultation we provide, and we will continually strive to strengthen the communities with whom we work.

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We define resilience as the capacity to grow and thrive, with strength and tenacity, in the face of trauma and oppression for both individuals and communities.
We believe that this resilience can be developed and fostered amongst all. We believe Resilient Futures transforms these experiences of trauma into opportunities for resilience and growth.


To foster equitable, safe and resilient communities for all youth.