I'm a better educator, friend, colleague, and parent after educating myself and collaborating with others on the topic of trauma and emotions.
Thank you for restoring my confidence in myself, to be there wholly for my students.
I have taken a handful of trainings about trauma-informed practices in schools, and the one through Resilient Futures has by far been the most useful. It is highly informative and presents actionable information clearly and concisely.
Because of this training, I feel better equipped to be the teacher my students need.

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To foster equitable, safe and resilient communities for all youth.

We define resilience as the capacity to grow and thrive, with strength and tenacity, in the face of trauma and oppression for both individuals and communities.
We believe that this resilience can be developed and fostered amongst all. We believe Resilient Futures transforms these experiences of trauma into opportunities for resilience and growth.